I’ve been on break because there was a fire at my office (@SohoHouse)

Just so we’re clear… I’m writing this article at gunpoint. Sam has warned me that my vacation is MOST DEFINITELY OVER and that if I again proceed to decide to take a month off without notifying anyone else in the company, I have to sell my 33%. Well hey Samantha, guess what?!?! You don’t have the authority to do that. Wanna know why? Because Kristie is the majority owner. She has the final say because we arbitrarily decided that 34 % of the company is hers. The only other way for you to kick me out of a leadership position is to acquire a majority (AKA YOUR SISTER) to vote me out. 

You think that I haven’t been pumping Kristie’s tires all month about her makeup tutorial to protect me from just that exact thing from happening?  I’ve been feeding her these treats all month via compliments on her outfits, newfound obsession with t-shirt dresses, and new passion as a D-list YouTube makeup star. We also both agree that there's nothing wrong with cutting lines to exit off of the highway because everyone has an equal opportunity to do it. 

Okay, now, I have to explain myself. I didn’t just decide to take this break on my own accord. There was a reason I’ve been in a drought. It is most definitely valid, and even more heartbreaking. 4 weeks ago, on June 14th, there was a fire in my office: Soho House, Chicago. Soho House, as some of you may know, is a private membership club where artistic minds can collaborate. They don't accept the typical athletes who like to pick things up and put them down. They accept the creative thinkers. The trailblazers. The entry-level comedy bloggers who are going to change women's sports lifestyle reporting for all of eternity. 

My dreams came to a crashing halt when on June 15th, we received an email from our House manager saying a kitchen fire caused damage and the club would be closing temporarily. My world and my career came crashing down in one paragraph. And before you grammar people say "well you can write anywhere..." I urge you to consider this: do you sleep as well in a hotel? 

All things considered, as of today, Soho is BACK, and so is Stephie's mojo. Get ready, blog world.