Sporting Chic [sheek] was made by female athletes and designed for female athletes. We co-created this online lifestyle blog because we are sick of reading magazines that feature celebrity gossip headlines, diet tips to lose weight, and 45 different ways to braid hair. Our mission is to create a community where women who play and love sports can connect, learn, and laugh. This website offers unique insight into our own lives as professional soccer players in the NWSL, fashion features that are both realistic and relevant, stories on up-and-coming athletes around the country, and all of our favorite ways to stay happy, fit, and CHIC.

About the Authors


Kristie Mewis - The Backwoods Barbie



I'm Kristie, but my friends call me Kratcheeta. I'm the CEO of Sporting Chic because I'm a genius and came up with this brilliant idea; my head isn't this big and round for nothing. Although I may not be the brightest, most rational of the Mewis sisters, I did inherit the 20/20 vision, the rocket left foot, and the pretty blonde ponytail. My two favorite things in life are reality TV and buffalo chicken. I also love clothes, soccer, and stirring the pot. I can rile Sam up as easily as she can get a sunburn in October. The more dramatic and extreme I can make a situation- the better. Example: tell me I'm a bad dancer and I won't speak to you for two weeks. But HEY, someones got to keep it interesting, right?

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Samantha Mewis The Whole-Hearted Hippie

Alaina Beyar

Alaina Beyar

I’m Sam, but my friends call me Stretch. I’m the six-foot, freckled, four-eyed, almost-redhead Mewis sister. With that said, I'm also the smarter, nicer, more organized one. Being six inches taller than my cohorts gives me a broader perspective on the world and I like to think that my level headedness brings something to the table. I advocate for alternative music, women’s rights, and white bread of all shapes and sizes. I go to yoga to keep myself calm and have read the Harry Potter series more times than there are books. Despite my anxious, incessant need to plan everything out on paper, my rational thought process is the only thing connecting this trio to reality. 

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Stephanie McCaffrey - The Ragamuffin Genius



I’m Stephanie, but my mother calls me Eepies. While the Mewis sisters were doing 1v1’s in their backyard down in the suburbs of Massachusetts, I was perfecting my golf swing at country club camp. It may have left my technique a step behind, but I’ve been able to claw my way up the ranks because I have the lower-body power of a horse. The only thing quicker than my wit is my first three steps. I firmly believe that the best pickup line I have is reading my Wall Street Journal alone at Happy Hour. I've somehow along the way found myself best friends with the Mewis sisters (clearly they are desiring of some culture.) With Uggs, sweatpants, snarls, and one of my mom’s Celine bags, here I come blog world.

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