Outfit #12- Metallic Bombers, Satin Shorts, and Nude Heels

Metallic Bomber- Lord and Taylor

Spring 2017 is for shiny sh*t. Everything is metallic. Shoes, pants, sunglasses, bras, bathing suits. Found this little gem in the dress section. I had to fight this girl for it. And when I say that I mean she didn't know we were in a fight. She took the last one and I had to follow her around the store until she eventually hung it up on a random rack. I snatched it up like a little rat and scurried away with an evil smirk. The poor girl. She has no idea what joy this bomber would have brought her. The color is absolutely gorgeous. I already have a pink bomber but this one was too good not to get. Its a very “look at me” piece. But I like to be looked at and anyone who says otherwise I simply don't trust. Its super lightweight and just what this outfit needed for a perfect spring night out. Little jackets like this are a great investment because they can change different outfits in a perfect way. It was 25% off at Lord and Taylor (one of my favorite stores because there's always some sort of sale going on.)  So now I won't feel as bad when I spill ketchup on it. TAKEAWAY: Invest in statement jackets.

Silky shorts- Nordstrom

These shorts were part of a set. And I LOVE outfit sets. But the top and shorts together looked like pajamas. I think thats a look this season but I literally looked like I rolled out of bed which isn't a pleasant sight. Couldn't pull it off. I am an absolute genius. I ONLY BOUGHT the shorts. So now I can just pair these pajama shorts with a cute top and heels and look like I’m dressed up. But in reality, I’m not- I’m not dressed up at all. Shorts like this don't come around very often. They fit perfectly on my waist and have the perfect eb and flow down the thigh. No wedgie life is what this is. They are also paper thin and silky af. TAKEAWAY: If it doesn't flow, let it go.

Nude heels- Steven Madden

In dumbass terms, nude is the color of your skin. Skin is part of your body. The longer your skin looks, the longer your body looks. So if you want longer legs get nude heels. If you want shoes that match everything, get nude heels. And if you want to pop, lock and drop it, comfortably, get this heel height. Don't go any higher or any lower. Higher ones for me are too overwhelming. I look like Brianne of Tarth. Lower ones I look like I'm about to give a presentation in business class. And we all know I would never be doing something like that anyways. TAKEAWAY: Kitten heels are disgusting. 

Photos by Madelyn Wood: Instagram-@mfwcode

Outfit #11- Long Jean Jackets, Metallic Shoes, and Ear Crawlers

Long jean jacket- Zara

It's a good day when you walk into Zara and it's deserted. The other day I went with absolutely no hope of any success and the place was immaculate, neat, and fully restocked. Usually its a dog-eat-dog pigpen of people crawling over each other and digging under piles with their eyes bulging out of their heads. Those are the days when you take one step in and sprint the eff out as fast as you can and don't look back. But a good day in Zara is better than a Sunday morning Harry Potter marathon. I was able to take my time and scour the whole store giggling to myself thinking of all the people who chose to stay home that day and NOT go to Zara. What idiots. I got the best sh*t. One of those things being this long, destroyed af demin jacket for $69.90. What a joke. This thing is fire. Its going to look so cute over my rompers, two-peice sets, and spring/summer dresses wth heels, sneaks, and boots. Day or night, any given season, this jacket is classic, versatile, and can make anyone look and feel like Rihanna.

Stan Smith Boost Metallic shoes- Adidas

This is outfit could be real casual with just some normal sneaks or converse. I wanted to spice it up with something flashy and these shoes were perfect. Metallic seems to be another popular trend this season and you can never have enough Adidas sneaks these days. I found these on the website. You can get silver or this rose gold metallic. I am obsessed with rose gold. They are so light and comfortable. Perfect for making an outfit more flashy, fashion forward, and appealing. 

Ear crawlers- Francesca's Collections

These earrings are actually awesome. They make your ears look pretty and ears are absolutely disgusting flaps of skin on your head in my opinion. This is just an easy way to change up your everyday look. Instead of wearing your $10 pair of studs from Target 24/7 (guilty), invest in a fun pair of these. They have all different colors and styles. Some of them make you look like an edgy rock star and others make you look like Princess Elsa. I'll take either one. They can also compliment your hair and outfit. These earrings matched my shoes perfectly and are very flattering with my hair color and skin tone. Wearing your hair up or slicked back will make them pop even more. 

Outfit #10- Netted tights, Destroyed "Mom" jeans, and Adidas

Netted Tights- I pulled these out of the woodwork from my Harley Quinn Halloween costume this past year. Never did I think these slices of pure heaven would see the light of day again. And boy was I excited to throw them on. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put netted tights under jeans is an absolute genius in my book. There is no other way to describe it other than IT LOOKS SICK. Any chance I have be an edgy badass for a day instead of a ditzy blonde, I TAKE IT and run. These jeans themselves would have been cool on their own but why not make the outfit 10 times better and 10 times more flashy? They also kind of make wearing these destroyed jeans acceptable in 20 degree weather. I did get more weird looks than usual from people during this photo sesh. The crazier the better.

Destroyed MOM Jeans- Urban Outfitters- I had been looking for a baggy, destroyed pair of high-waisted jeans for a while and my prayers were finally answered when Steph and I went to Miami a couple weeks ago. Jean shopping is an absolute nightmare if I haven't already expressed that enough. I think we all can agree on it. I HATE it. Trying to find baggy pants when you have thicker legs is just embarrassing. Its hard not to laugh when you can't even pull "Boyfriend" cut jeans over your knee. But hey, that is the price we gotta pay to get paid. I like the way the high-waist shows off the curve from your mid-section to your butt. Its very flattering and everyone needs a pair of these for this spring.

Adidas- Adidas is back! The three stripes are killing the athleisure game right now. This crop sweatshirt goes perfectly with just about every high-waisted thing you own. I wear it with leggings all the time. Its short sleeve so it fits under your tightest jackets. If this hoodie was at Coldstone, it would be a "gotta to have it" kinda day. 

Outfit #9: Accessory scarves, long sweaters, and high socks

Scarf: Apart from accessories, this outfit is all neutral colors. The good thing about having an endless supply of black, white, and gray is being able to wear them over and over again with new, fun accessories. This one specific scarf has surprised me. It was one of those purchases when you go to the mall and literally can't find anything you like or anything that fits so you just buy something to make yourself feel better. I thought it had such pretty colors and it was cheap. It's also very thin so you won't get hot or claustrophobic inside. This thing is not going to keep you warm whatsoever. But the pop of color goes a long way and MAKES the outfit.

Sweater- I hate sweaters.....because I'm a sweat-er. Nothing infuriates me more than being itchy and sweaty in a pile of wool. The only kind you'll catch me in is this cardigan style that you can wear open. Its thin, its basic, and it doesn't make me pant like a dog. I also love that its longer than what I have on underneath to give the outfit a longer, leaner look.

High Socks- Three words- sassy, flirty, and fun. Ladies, we all work damn hard on our legs. I pick things up and put things down with these legs. I eat kale for these legs. So you crazy if you don't thing I'm going to go to great lengths to show them off, as we all should. And the best thing about high socks is you don't have to shave your shins or calves. HALLELUJAH!

Scarf: Nordstrom

Sweater: Free People

High Socks- H&M

Outfit #6- Lace Rompers, Blazers, and Over-the-Knee boots

Lace Romper: Revolve- Lovers & Friends

The first three things I think of when I wake up are coffee, eggs, and rompers. Everyday I check the Revolve App on my phone for new stuff. If you don't have it, download it. Of course, my first click is New, second click, Clothes, third click, rompers and jumpsuits. When this one popped up, I started drooling. I don't think you can get much better than this people. 

#1: It's red
#2: It's lace
#3: It has an open back


I couldn't love an item of clothing more. The long sleeve lace makes your arms look long and feminine. And with the heavy volume of upper body work I’ve been doing this off season, I need all the help I can get. I obsess over lace clothing because it’s just so romantic and pretty. They also have the romper in black, but honestly, who wants to wear black when you can wear red? BE BOLD people. There are a lot of clothes I love in black, but in this case, RED.

Blazer: All Saints

I got this black blazer in London a few weeks ago. When I go to Europe I try to pick up on the trends there because they seem to be a couple months ahead of us in the fashion department. They have All Saints over there like we have Dunkin Donuts in Massachusetts. I went into about three of them in a five block radius and all the girls had this black blazer on. Its simple and sleek. It really off sets the girly romper and gave my outfit balance. It is also very versatile. You can wear it open over your shoulders like this or button it closed to give it a more structured, suit-like appeal. My favorite look I’ve seen with a blazer is Ashlyn Harris’ slick back hair and a bold lip. See here.

Over-the-Knee Boots: Stuart Weizmann

I INDULGED in these Stuart Weizmann’s, the pinnacle of over-the-knee boots. They are rediculously expensive. I splurged on these babies and don't regret it one bit. I would love to say I saved up for them and made a well thought out decision to purchase them but that would be a lie. Some people want surfboards or the newest xbox but I just want boots. 

Fashion has become a hobby of mine and something that I am passionate about. I wear these all the time and they are the best pair of shoes I own. #noregrets Not everyone wants to spend this much so here is a pair that is cheaper and just as cute. 

Steve Madden NORRI Boots

Secret: Wear knee high socks under the boots. They wont slip down as much.

Outfit #4- Pom-pom hats, Faux Fur, and Chunky Boots

There is NO REASON not to love the winter. I'm sick of people complaining. Suck it up, enjoy the holidays, and embrace your inner snow-woman. The winter is my favorite season. Ballsy to admit I know. But in my opinion, there is nothing better than coats, hats, scarves, and boots with hot chocolate and a Christmas tree.

If you don't like this faux fur coat I literally don't trust you. I feel like Leo DiCaprio in the Revenant, except for the fact that I'm a millennial living in an eco-friendly apartment complex that goes to Starbucks twice a day. The coat has the most beautiful coloring and is warmer than my actual winter jacket. Get a faux fur coat this season ladies, you wont regret it.

Sheer turtleneck bodysuits. Its just a good excuse to wear a cute, strappy, "look at me" bra.

These chunky boots are edgyyyyyy AF. They give you a bit of height too so your legs look long and lean. I loved the way they looked with my shiny leggings. I would say my outfit is dressed up, but you can also dress them down with just jeans (vomit) and a t-shirt.

Pom-Pom beanies might be my favorite accessory of the season so far. The fur ball at the top of your head is just so cute and innocent. (I need all the innocence I can get)