Outfit #4- Pom-pom hats, Faux Fur, and Chunky Boots

There is NO REASON not to love the winter. I'm sick of people complaining. Suck it up, enjoy the holidays, and embrace your inner snow-woman. The winter is my favorite season. Ballsy to admit I know. But in my opinion, there is nothing better than coats, hats, scarves, and boots with hot chocolate and a Christmas tree.

If you don't like this faux fur coat I literally don't trust you. I feel like Leo DiCaprio in the Revenant, except for the fact that I'm a millennial living in an eco-friendly apartment complex that goes to Starbucks twice a day. The coat has the most beautiful coloring and is warmer than my actual winter jacket. Get a faux fur coat this season ladies, you wont regret it.

Sheer turtleneck bodysuits. Its just a good excuse to wear a cute, strappy, "look at me" bra.

These chunky boots are edgyyyyyy AF. They give you a bit of height too so your legs look long and lean. I loved the way they looked with my shiny leggings. I would say my outfit is dressed up, but you can also dress them down with just jeans (vomit) and a t-shirt.

Pom-Pom beanies might be my favorite accessory of the season so far. The fur ball at the top of your head is just so cute and innocent. (I need all the innocence I can get)