Dear Sporting Chic Readers,

We want to thank you all for your support of our endeavor over the past year. We learned so much through the formation of Sporting Chic and none of it would have been possible without you.

The three of us started Sporting Chic to shed an authentic light on the lives of female athletes. We wanted to connect women who play sports in a unique way, through a blog that made people laugh and through social media content that was more fun and honest than the average outlet.

In short, we want to tell you guys that Sporting Chic isn’t going to be active anymore. We each have our own individual reasons for stepping away, but we don’t necessarily see this as the end of our idea or intent.

To keep Sporting Chic forever in your memory, here are the links to our most popular posts of all time. (Steph suggested doing this to show off knowing her content was most popular) We’ll keep all of our other content archived the site as well.

Why is Swearing In Women’s Sports Taboo?: by Stephanie

Motherhood and Professional Soccer: by Sam

A Declaration to my Enemies- Stop Family Plan Shaming: by Stephanie

Ranking the Yoga Ability of my Chicago Red Stars Teammates: by Stephanie

My Take on the Spring 2017 Fashion Trends: by Kristie

The Christmas Card Situation: by Stephanie

Also: Stephanie is starting a nonprofit dedicated to the development of girls youth soccer in urban areas of the United States. The goal of Hidden Gems will be to aid youth and nonprofit Youth Soccer programs already in place in low income areas to increase socioeconomic diversity in sport. We highly encourage our readers, especially those of you who loved Steph’s hilarious blog posts, to continue follow it on her non-profit's website,

Love you guys!
Steph, Kristie, and Sam