My Take on the Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

After endless hours of vicious research, (nawwwt) I’ve discovered what's in and fabulous this 2017 spring season. Luckily for you, I've also determined which ones are been-there-done-that or just straight up embarrassing. 

The good thing about these trends is that they all seem to be encompassed (vocab word points) around romance or structure- or both. These two qualities are significant (more points) to us as female athletes specifically because romance brings femininity and structure brings shape. Two things that are crucial for our flawlessness and superiority.

Make sure to click on the links below for examples of things I love for this spring. Literally taking them straight out of my shopping cart... so we might be #twinning this season.

1. Statement Sleeves- YES
I love this look. These usually come in shirts or bodysuits. Why do I love these? They're fitted in all the right areas. Tight around the stomach and arms and then a pretty flow out at the elbows. It brings such a girly look but doesn't take away the things that we want to show off. With a shirt like this, I would wear any kind of high rise pants and a sleek bootie or pump. You want the sleeves to be the highlight of your outfit. So when someone looks at you I want them to be like "Holy sh*t, that girls' sleeves are LIT."

2. Backless shoes- YES
This was one of those fashion trends that when you first see it, you're disgusted. A couple of weeks ago I remember seeing these slip-on shoes online and making a double-chinned disgruntled frown at the computer. I was so upset. I thought slip ons were gone for good after elemenary school. After a while, seeing these shoes everywhere, you begin to obsess over them. It's like coffee as a teenager. At first you hate it and wonder why people like it and then after a while your whole life revolves around your next cup. Or maybe thats just me. Anyways, I haven't bought myself a pair yet but have been eyeing these ones for days. Slip ons are usually such a causal look, but these backless shoes are actually very dressy and stylish. They made a lazy day chic af. These also look really cute with just about any spring outfit. I would wear them with a playsuit or ankle-hugging pants, loose or tight.

3. Ruffles- NO
WTF. This one I really have a problem with. And only because ruffles are just so pointless. Why must there be all this extra fabric making your outfit bulky? It just seems childish. Maybe I'm just scarred from growing up in the 90s when they didn't sell anything else for girls except ruffles. Either that or my mom was actively trying to make me look like a frilly pumpkin head. All in all, don’t wear ruffles. High risk, low reward.

4. Paper bag Waist- YES
Oh my. I absolutely adore this look. This is probably one the best styles I think for the spring. This is such a flattering look for athletes. Its extremely comfortable because the pants are baggy in the legs but then get more fitted towards the calfs. The scrunched waist gives it that "paper bag" look and the tie makes it cute and fun. I think this style looks good on me because I have a very straight figure. So it actually gives me a little bit of shape. This one takes the cake. Everyone should have a pair or two!

5. Neutral tones- YES
For all you girls who keep it simple with white, gray, and nude, this season is your time to shine. These colors bring a very natural, easy look and, of course, the more natural the better. What I am loving this season is the fact that "blush" (dusty pink) is now considered a neutral. But I don't recommend wearing blush or nude without a tan. I tried on a couple of neutrals the other day at Lord and Taylor and looked like a member of The Nights Watch from game of thrones. Pale and pasty. 

6. Sheer- (clapping emoji) (clapping emoji) (clapping emoji)
Sheer is hot. I feel like this just carried over from the fall/winter. Nothing new about this. It's fun and flirty but also can be edgy. It's a great way to layer so that $30 bralette that you love so much can get the attention that it damn well deserves. I have also been meaning to try the sheer skirt look. Definitely need to do it in a tasteful way, but it's an opportunity to show off those split-squat toned legs!

7. Block Heels- YES
Block heels bring me joy. They're actually comfortable! Whoever's genius idea it was to make us walk on a pencil- (middle finger emoji). Frankly I just don't have the time or energy for it. I already worked out today. I don't need to be doing any more stability work than I already do. These heels with a summer dress is EVERYTHING. Wearing a flowy, feminine dress or skirt with some statement, structured block heels is just epic. Also just another great way to spice of your favorite jean shorts with a baggy cardigan. 

8. Corset Belt- YES
Duh. Structure. A fitted, thick belt is a statement. This belt will MAKE your outfit. Badasses wear belts like this. It can be a very chic-sophisticated look with a blazer and pants. Or, you can pair it with a loose tunic or dress to go from day to night. With this accessory there's nothing to lose and so much to gain.

9. Oversized Trench Coats- Whatever
Blah, blah, blah. We know. A trench coat is an investment at this point. They're never going to go out of style. They're timeless. Although they are adding some style to them this season instead of just the boring, “I'm walking to work with my black coffee and my black heart” trench coat look. I’ve had my nude trench coat for years and I still find myself wearing it all the time when I want to “be classy”. Maybe try a blush color or a pale blue this season with an asymmetrical bottom. Or don't. Whatever.

10. Florals- OK
Every time I think of florals I think of the movie The Devil Wears Prada. When the woman suggests florals in the meeting and Miranda looks up and goes, “Florals... ground-breaking." LOLOLOL.  Its true. Florals aren't special or new. Although, done the right way, they are gorgeous. I'm loving the long, flowery maxi dresses with the slit in the leg. This is the definition of feminine. 

P.S. My outfits have been on hold cuz, well, pre-season. But, can't wait to share some spring outfits soon! Stay chic, people.