Every female athlete should have a one-piece bathing suit

If you are a female athlete and you do not own a one-piece bathing suit, you are doing yourself and the world a disservice. 

Two pieces...get lost. You're not cool anymore. The only thing you're good for is tanning and I'd rather just hike up my running shorts and pull the straps off my sports bra. You want to be forgettable at the beach/pool party? Wear a plain black triangle top with diaper bottoms. I WON'T REMEMBER. You want to be a legend? Go get a spray tan and rock a one piece stunner that'd make a masshole look away from a Patriots game.

One piece bathing suits are everything a female athlete could ever want. Essentially, you're wearing an attractive, stretchy leotard to the pool that makes you look hot. Tough life, I know. 

1. Your body looks better-

Who cares if you have a flat chest? One pieces sure don't. Cleavage is the last thing a one piece needs to make you look good. A lot of the suits I like have a high neck line that cuts narrow around the side of your body. A little side boob never killed nobody--words from Kendall Jenner. And whatever she says goes because she's the hottest person I've ever seen. 

2017 summer suit FACTS: Show off your....

Obliques (>six pack)

Side boob (>regular boob)

The really high rise suits that go all the way to the top of your hip are to die for. Legs look longer and more toned.  They also give you a little bit of a butt lift. Scratch that. A HUGE BUTT LIFT that'll leave you like "Hi I'm Jen Selter I do squats in my sleep."

2. They're more fun- 

One pieces are way more fun than two pieces. The designs are more creative, the color combinations are prettier, and they're more fun to try on and buy. My favorite are the ones with the cut outs around the stomach and the the strappy sexy ones. 

I haven't met a one piece I didn't like....except maybe this one....STAY AWAY from this shit. 

3. Comfortable-

So many more activities!!! There's not as much hassle with one pieces. Everything stays in place. You slide it on and you're good to go for the day. Want to play spike ball or have a cannonball competition? Ya, I don't either. I just want to sit on my ass and eat popcorn and look hot while I'm doing it. 

But if you do want to be active....The top doesn't fall off or wrap around your neck when you jump in the pool or go frolic in the waves. The bottom doesn't un-tie or move and expose things that should never be exposed. I've seen way to many nip slips and other private part catastrophies I still have nightmares about. Other than the occasional wedgie, which, in a one piece is actually a hot wedgie, the onsie takes the cake every time (literally).