Fred and Far Jewelry

Just do you – a concept we hear and try to put forth every day of our lives as strong and independent women. That is the idea behind Fred and Far, an L.A based jewelry brand, which coined and designed the Self Love Pinky Ring.

This conflict free gem in the shape of an upside down triangle is not only a very, very cool accessory for your pinky, but also a daily reminder to “Just Do You” and most of all, to love yourself. It’s so easy to get sidetracked through our daily lives with social media, practice, training, work, and children to easily forget about yourself. Sometimes we forget to stop for a minute and truly appreciate, love, and honor ourselves.

For me, the definition of self-love, and my pinky ring is a daily reminder of my commitment to myself, and to truly loving every bit of who I am. Loving oneself is the most important thing a person can do. From firsthand experience, self-love is not always an easy feat to accomplish.

In my business, there are so many different people chiming in about what you should look like and what society tells you is beautiful. Before being a celebrity stylist, I had been an athlete my entire life, playing soccer and hurdling in track. I was a Jr. Olympian and a collegiate athlete, and unfortunately succumbed to hip injuries. Having what I imagined as “a perfect body” prior to double hip surgeries before the age of 30, led to me suffering from a form of body dyspmorphia. The outsider never saw what I thought I saw in the mirror, and I realized a major change needed to happen.  I was so used to having this “ideal physique” that I really forgot what was important- family, friends, my health, and a career path that I loved.

How did I get through it? By surrounding myself with a strong support system, and having great women in my life – my mother (who still thinks I'm crazy,), my sister and my best friend/college roommate/teammate – all who inspire me every day to be an amazing human.

Right now, I workout as often as possible as it’s a huge part of who I am. I've realized it's okay to be normal and have imperfections - because realizing that, to me, IS perfection. Its okay to have a couple of rolls when I sit, and cellulite, and stretch marks. I have learned to be confident in who I am, not only what I look like. Beauty and true perfection is embracing your own flaws and being yourself.

So my message here, to all the young girls, the athlete, the new mommy, the girl that works her butt off in the gym and is still a size bigger than she wants to be - you’re perfect. WE, as women, need to regularly support each other. Let us all be self-confident, let us love ourselves and feel good (almost) every day. Let us show support when we are feeling our best and accept support when we are feeling our worst. 

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