Outfit #16: Jumpsuits, Body Chains, and Platform Heels

When I think of clothing...less is more. No I'm just kidding. That was a trashy thing to say. But in the summer, the less material the better. This is without a doubt the thinnest material I've ever had on a jumpsuit. Don't get me wrong, I will still sweat like an absolute pig wearing this whatever time of day it is. Doesn't matter if there is a strong breeze or air conditioning...I will still have people wicking the sweat off my limbs with their pointer finger. Yes, that has happened more than once. 

Leafy Jumpsuit- Lulus

Jumpers like this are key to have for the summer. It's fun, flirty, flowy, and has a pretty, island-like, vacation-feel pattern. The downfall is how complicated it is to get on and off. The strings are long af and will end up your ass at some point or another. But once you get it on and tie it up all cute it's an awesome summer stunner. The good part about the strings is you can adjust it to be tighter or looser. It is not made for one size person. No need for a bra which is perfect because they suck. Nipple covers will suffice. I love the triangle top for my chest because it allows me to wear a deep V without it falling off. Triangle tops also expose part of your side ribs which keeps you cool and shows off a little extra skin. Steph always makes fun of me for saying, "but look at the back though, the backkkkahhh...". If the back of an outfit is pretty you know I want it and won't shut up about it. The criss cross is simple but looks delicate and elegant because of the extremely skinny straps. The tulip pants make it super sexy and playful. You never have to worry about the slits being too revealing because it's good quality, flattering material, and won't show anything it isn't suppose to. Also, the high-waisted element with the band across the stomach makes your legs look long, lean, and toned. The design of the jumpsuit is perfect for a female athlete body type. It shows off everything that I want. My legs, arms, and back. It was also very in-expensive for an entire outfit so I would definitely get it if they come out with another pattern or color.

Platform Heels- Steve Madden

These shoes are SKY HIGH. Five extra inches of height. I could scare off just about anybody with these on and that is my intention. Can't get much taller than this....obviously excluding Sam. Snagged 'em on the clearance page. Steve Madden clearance at the end of each season is a steal. I got three pairs of heels for under $100 and these were part of that purchase. Of course, I didn't need three pairs of heels in one day but I'll save money when I'm dead. I think these look awesome with the jumper because the tulip bottom make my legs look long already...but why don't we just take it to the extreme and make them even longer and more ridiculous. These shoes would also look great with bell-bottom pants for a 70's kinda look or a loose mini dress. They're comfortable because of the platform and the chunky heel so they're perfect for a 100 yard dash to the food truck if needed. 

Body Chain- Lulus

Frankly, these things kind of piss me off. All they do is tangle and take up precious time trying to get it on and off. I guess it is kinda worth it when you finally finagle it onto your torso. It looks pretty cool I'll admit. The gold ones are my favorite because gold jewelry looks better with a tan. Super girly and feminine piece. It draws attention to your chest and back in a good way. "Look at me" item for sure. It's an easy way to spice up any bodysuit or boring crop top. I didn't need to wear it with this outfit but why not tangle it up with the complicated ties on the jumpsuit and make my life a living hell for the day. Mistake. But it looks sick, ehhh?

Photography: Matt Marzahl @multimarz