Outfit #10- Netted tights, Destroyed "Mom" jeans, and Adidas

Netted Tights- I pulled these out of the woodwork from my Harley Quinn Halloween costume this past year. Never did I think these slices of pure heaven would see the light of day again. And boy was I excited to throw them on. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put netted tights under jeans is an absolute genius in my book. There is no other way to describe it other than IT LOOKS SICK. Any chance I have be an edgy badass for a day instead of a ditzy blonde, I TAKE IT and run. These jeans themselves would have been cool on their own but why not make the outfit 10 times better and 10 times more flashy? They also kind of make wearing these destroyed jeans acceptable in 20 degree weather. I did get more weird looks than usual from people during this photo sesh. The crazier the better.

Destroyed MOM Jeans- Urban Outfitters- I had been looking for a baggy, destroyed pair of high-waisted jeans for a while and my prayers were finally answered when Steph and I went to Miami a couple weeks ago. Jean shopping is an absolute nightmare if I haven't already expressed that enough. I think we all can agree on it. I HATE it. Trying to find baggy pants when you have thicker legs is just embarrassing. Its hard not to laugh when you can't even pull "Boyfriend" cut jeans over your knee. But hey, that is the price we gotta pay to get paid. I like the way the high-waist shows off the curve from your mid-section to your butt. Its very flattering and everyone needs a pair of these for this spring.

Adidas- Adidas is back! The three stripes are killing the athleisure game right now. This crop sweatshirt goes perfectly with just about every high-waisted thing you own. I wear it with leggings all the time. Its short sleeve so it fits under your tightest jackets. If this hoodie was at Coldstone, it would be a "gotta to have it" kinda day.