Outfit #9: Accessory scarves, long sweaters, and high socks

Scarf: Apart from accessories, this outfit is all neutral colors. The good thing about having an endless supply of black, white, and gray is being able to wear them over and over again with new, fun accessories. This one specific scarf has surprised me. It was one of those purchases when you go to the mall and literally can't find anything you like or anything that fits so you just buy something to make yourself feel better. I thought it had such pretty colors and it was cheap. It's also very thin so you won't get hot or claustrophobic inside. This thing is not going to keep you warm whatsoever. But the pop of color goes a long way and MAKES the outfit.

Sweater- I hate sweaters.....because I'm a sweat-er. Nothing infuriates me more than being itchy and sweaty in a pile of wool. The only kind you'll catch me in is this cardigan style that you can wear open. Its thin, its basic, and it doesn't make me pant like a dog. I also love that its longer than what I have on underneath to give the outfit a longer, leaner look.

High Socks- Three words- sassy, flirty, and fun. Ladies, we all work damn hard on our legs. I pick things up and put things down with these legs. I eat kale for these legs. So you crazy if you don't thing I'm going to go to great lengths to show them off, as we all should. And the best thing about high socks is you don't have to shave your shins or calves. HALLELUJAH!

Scarf: Nordstrom

Sweater: Free People

High Socks- H&M