Outfit #11- Long Jean Jackets, Metallic Shoes, and Ear Crawlers

Long jean jacket- Zara

It's a good day when you walk into Zara and it's deserted. The other day I went with absolutely no hope of any success and the place was immaculate, neat, and fully restocked. Usually its a dog-eat-dog pigpen of people crawling over each other and digging under piles with their eyes bulging out of their heads. Those are the days when you take one step in and sprint the eff out as fast as you can and don't look back. But a good day in Zara is better than a Sunday morning Harry Potter marathon. I was able to take my time and scour the whole store giggling to myself thinking of all the people who chose to stay home that day and NOT go to Zara. What idiots. I got the best sh*t. One of those things being this long, destroyed af demin jacket for $69.90. What a joke. This thing is fire. Its going to look so cute over my rompers, two-peice sets, and spring/summer dresses wth heels, sneaks, and boots. Day or night, any given season, this jacket is classic, versatile, and can make anyone look and feel like Rihanna.

Stan Smith Boost Metallic shoes- Adidas

This is outfit could be real casual with just some normal sneaks or converse. I wanted to spice it up with something flashy and these shoes were perfect. Metallic seems to be another popular trend this season and you can never have enough Adidas sneaks these days. I found these on the website. You can get silver or this rose gold metallic. I am obsessed with rose gold. They are so light and comfortable. Perfect for making an outfit more flashy, fashion forward, and appealing. 

Ear crawlers- Francesca's Collections

These earrings are actually awesome. They make your ears look pretty and ears are absolutely disgusting flaps of skin on your head in my opinion. This is just an easy way to change up your everyday look. Instead of wearing your $10 pair of studs from Target 24/7 (guilty), invest in a fun pair of these. They have all different colors and styles. Some of them make you look like an edgy rock star and others make you look like Princess Elsa. I'll take either one. They can also compliment your hair and outfit. These earrings matched my shoes perfectly and are very flattering with my hair color and skin tone. Wearing your hair up or slicked back will make them pop even more.