Outfit #12- Metallic Bombers, Satin Shorts, and Nude Heels

Metallic Bomber- Lord and Taylor

Spring 2017 is for shiny sh*t. Everything is metallic. Shoes, pants, sunglasses, bras, bathing suits. Found this little gem in the dress section. I had to fight this girl for it. And when I say that I mean she didn't know we were in a fight. She took the last one and I had to follow her around the store until she eventually hung it up on a random rack. I snatched it up like a little rat and scurried away with an evil smirk. The poor girl. She has no idea what joy this bomber would have brought her. The color is absolutely gorgeous. I already have a pink bomber but this one was too good not to get. Its a very “look at me” piece. But I like to be looked at and anyone who says otherwise I simply don't trust. Its super lightweight and just what this outfit needed for a perfect spring night out. Little jackets like this are a great investment because they can change different outfits in a perfect way. It was 25% off at Lord and Taylor (one of my favorite stores because there's always some sort of sale going on.)  So now I won't feel as bad when I spill ketchup on it. TAKEAWAY: Invest in statement jackets.

Silky shorts- Nordstrom

These shorts were part of a set. And I LOVE outfit sets. But the top and shorts together looked like pajamas. I think thats a look this season but I literally looked like I rolled out of bed which isn't a pleasant sight. Couldn't pull it off. I am an absolute genius. I ONLY BOUGHT the shorts. So now I can just pair these pajama shorts with a cute top and heels and look like I’m dressed up. But in reality, I’m not- I’m not dressed up at all. Shorts like this don't come around very often. They fit perfectly on my waist and have the perfect eb and flow down the thigh. No wedgie life is what this is. They are also paper thin and silky af. TAKEAWAY: If it doesn't flow, let it go.

Nude heels- Steven Madden

In dumbass terms, nude is the color of your skin. Skin is part of your body. The longer your skin looks, the longer your body looks. So if you want longer legs get nude heels. If you want shoes that match everything, get nude heels. And if you want to pop, lock and drop it, comfortably, get this heel height. Don't go any higher or any lower. Higher ones for me are too overwhelming. I look like Brianne of Tarth. Lower ones I look like I'm about to give a presentation in business class. And we all know I would never be doing something like that anyways. TAKEAWAY: Kitten heels are disgusting. 

Photos by Madelyn Wood: Instagram-@mfwcode