Outfit #15: Wrap Tops, White Skinny Jeans, and Chokers

Wrap top- Bardot at Bloomingdales

I'm loving these wrap tops this spring because they are so versatile. You can wear this one with the tie in the front, back, or on the side. You can also loosen it to be an off the shoulder look. I feel comfortable in this shirt because I can adjust it any way I want for my broad shoulders and strong arms. It can wrap around any athletic body type beautifully without being too tight or too loose in certain spots. This light blue spring color looks super trendy with the white pants and the taupe shoes. I think the detailing in the sleeves is the best part. It is a scrunched up ruffle look but it's subtle instead of statement. So you won't have anxiety about dipping your sleeves in the spinach artichoke dip or lighting them on fire from the table candle. CAUTION: Do not wear this top on a scorching hot day. I had sweat marks where one should never have sweat marks. 

White Skinny Jeans- J Brand

I love this look, but white pants do give me anxiety. They are that item in your closet you always look at and absolutely love but don't want to ruin them so you never break them out. Like I eat wayyyy too much ketchup and drink too much coffee for this sort of pressure. But they are absolutely a spring/summer essential. I honestly haven't owned a pair in a couple years because I haven't been able to find a pair that doesn't make my legs look like white bricks. But this pair was pleasantly surprising. These white jeans are stretchy, high-waisted, and not see-through, which seems to be a problem for me with white pants too often. This is more of a dressy look... but I also want to dress them down with an edgy T-shirt and some boots or sneaks.

The triple choker- Target

Fashion from the 90's is back and I'm not mad about it one bit. High-waist, crop tops, denim, and chokers... I wish I lived through my 20's in the 90s, but instead I was drooling all over everything and wearing matching skorts with Sam. Don't waste your money on expensive chokers. 38 bucks for one? Oh, is it going to make me run faster too? Ya, I'll pass. Got a set of six chokers at target for $14.99 and honestly, they are just as pretty as all the expensive ones. I got three gold and three silver which is all anyone will evahhhh need. I chose the gold ones for this outfit but I think silver would look great too. They are simple and don't tangle and thankfully are adjustable because my traps need some breathing room.

Photography: Madelyn Wood