Jeans versus Rompers

First of all, I don't write. I rant. If you prefer proper grammar, head to my sister's "features" section; she's an english major and the Sporting Chic grammar police. 


l LOATHE jeans. Jeans are the most uncomfortable piece of clothing I own. If you catch me in jeans, you better believe that: A) they are high-waisted and stretchy B) I’m already having a bad day, so I figured I’d subject myself to more punishment and throw some jeans on or C) I was peer pressured into it.

As a girl, you can’t NOT have a pair of jeans. Am I right? That would be kind of bizzare. They are without a doubt the most popular piece of clothing in the world. Everyone seems to love them. And yet, they have the power to ruin my day entirely. 

Ive tried everything. I have probably five or six different brands of jeans in my bottom drawer. And I have one pair that I rely on once a week to do the job. The first 5-10 minutes look and feel great. But slowly they begin to cut off my circulation, ruin my relaxation, and put pressure on me to order a salad. 

How about dropping your phone when you have jeans on? I just stare at it on the ground in utter shame. And then somehow do this weird squat/lunge to grab it.  Also, I know that unbuttoning your pants is a common thing for people who go out to dinner and eat too much. But I unbutton AND unzip. Not simply for the common full stomach. I need to do this just to be able to focus in conversation. 

Sweaty Ass Syndrome: Ventilation- minimal. Chafing- maximal. It’s honestly just terrible. Let’s all just agree to leggings, day in and day out, and call it Life.


Thank you, Romper Inventor, whoever you are, for creating the most magnificent, flattering, comfortable piece of  happiness that I have ever encountered. So dramatic but so true. I’m OBSESSED. You guys should see my closet. I have an entire section just for rompers alone.

For those of you who don’t know what a romper is, I don't trust you. WAKE UP, people. Not a dress but not pants. It’s like wearing your pajamas all damn day. You basically are dressing like an infant, except you’re a grown woman with boobs. (34A to be exact) 

Dress it up or dress it down. Heels or sneakers. Activities? YUP. Throw on some flip flops for a quick coffee run or grab a cute pair of wedges for a night with the gals. You want to do a triatholon? Certainly possible, although I don’t recommend taking this obsession that far. 

There is no better outfit for a female athlete in my opinion. Rompers make your legs and arms look longer and leaner. My favorite ones accentuate your waist and flow out at the bottom. Depending on your height and figure, you can go loose and flowy or tight and fitted. I've never seen anyone screw up a romper, except for Steph because she's, well, Steph and wouldnt know style if it slapped her across the face.

I wish the NWSL uniforms were rompers. I would score so many goals and never give the ball away if I could wear a romper. Rompers get me so fired up. I think I’m going to go put one on right now.