Balanced Beyars

We are all kinds of JAZZED to be introducing Balanced Beyars, three sisters who are studying to become health coaches. Balanced Beyars will provide holistic health coaching which includes: 

  • Private one-on-one coaching online or in person

  • Group coaching with teams, workplaces, institutions, etc.

  • Health Workshops

So who are these ladies?

  • The oldest, Alaina Beyar, is a 26 year old Boston College Soccer Alum. Alaina HATES cardio but was somehow #BlessedWithABooty. We like to call her "Best Intentions Beyar" because she's literally the sweetest person in the world.

  • The middle, Carly Beyar, is a 24 year old Fairfield University Soccer Alum. Carly is also 1/3 of the infamous SoccerGrlProbs. She is the always hustling, Doesn't-Know-How-to Dress-Like-A-Girl, idea buff.

  • The youngin’, Julie Beyar, is a 22 year old Wheaton College Soccer Alum. Her sisters like to call her the clueless philosopher and, even though we've only met her a few times, it's super obvious why. Julie is the burpee-lovin' (weird brag) son of a nutcracker littlest sis. 

Pictured from left to right: Carly, Alaina, Julie

Pictured from left to right: Carly, Alaina, Julie

I'd like to start off by saying that the ONE thing that Kristie, Steph and I all agree upon is that Alaina is the most wonderful person in the entire world. Her sisters, who we recently spent the weekend with in Austin, are equally as wonderful. These girls honestly are like too good to be true-  but we're beyond pleased to tell you guys that THEY ARE REAL! We're pumped about their new company because it's providing us all with awesome recipes, workouts, and overall health advice. I couldn't name 3 people who I would trust more with my overall wellness as a human being. These girls literally give me life.

The good news is that their website, is just launching this weekend! The better news is that they already have a ton of stuff up on Instagram @balancedbeyars. There you'll find delicious healthy recipes, INSPO, and workout posts. They are also available to book for workshops, lectures, AND private sessions (your first one is complimentary, you're welcome.)

We know these girls pretty well, but we wanted to know even more about why they started this venture together. So Sporting Chic did some investigative reporting on the Beyar sisters and their true motivation for going into business together. Their story is really cool and their plans for the future are LEGIT. Get to reading the interview below and we promise you'll be like, "I want these girls in my life. NOW." We certainly do.

SC: Explain what it was like growing up with 3 girls who all played soccer.

BB: MAYHEM. Picture a single mom driving three hangry soccer girls one and a half hours (ONE WAY) to practice each day. To streamline operations, it was a pretty good idea for all three of us to play for the same club, Paul Riley’s Albertson Fury on Long Island. Each of us were in different age groups, so naturally all of the practices were one after another at the same field... or on different fields... sometimes overlapping.... and sometimes not.  As you can probably guess, this inevitably led to excessive boredom, grueling study hours on the turf, uncomfortable naps and chowing down on Wendy’s #6 Spicy Chicken Sandwiches while we waited for each other in the car (#NoRegrets).

On the real, words cannot express how grateful we were for our mom’s hard work and dedication. Thanks to her, we were lucky enough to attend three of our country’s top universities on scholarships. We owe her our success, and to this day, we’re really not sure how to repay her (Maybe Julie could be a little nicer, but that’s neither here nor there.)

SC: What are your long-term goals for Balanced Beyars?

BB: World domination. Just kidding... but in all seriousness we want to be a health coaching company with a mission to empower people to make better choices and to feel fully in control of their own health, whether that be through their eating habits, their relationships, their spirituality, etc. As former collegiate athletes, wellness has always been such a huge part of our lives and we wanted to continue to grow, to educate everyone around us, and to make a real difference. All three of us have agreed that living a balanced lifestyle is crucial to A) staying sane and B) to carrying out a life of true happiness and abundance. We know we aren’t perfect. Of course there are days that we we cave in to sweets, days where we Netflix so hard that our eyes fall out, and days where we seriously have no motivation to even go for a walk - we get it. We want people to know that it’s OK to have those lows, as long as you are treating your body like the temple that it is the other 90% of the time! That’s why we are here to HELP YOU. We love you and we don’t even KNOW YOU YET!

SC: What do you miss most about playing sports and how do you now feed your competitive side?

BB: We can all agree that the thing we miss most about sports is being a part of something bigger than ourselves, i.e. A TEAM. Our teammates made us better in every single way. They pushed us during fitness tests, patted our backs when we missed the net (for the 40th time in a row) and truly made us understand that overused saying that EVERYONE has a love-hate relationship with: “There is no I in TEAM”.

Now that we’re washed up and out of college, it is easy to feel like that piece is missing. What is #MajorKey to us is that you surround yourself with authentic, good-hearted people who make you feel like a ROCKSTAR. It’s your true family, friends or coworkers who will pick you up when you’re feeling down, and give you an a$$ kicking when you do something stupid.

In terms of our competitive side, it seems we just can’t let the dream of being athletes go! We were born hustlers and we’re always pushing the envelope physically. Carly and Julie run marathons... and Alaina has one tough mudder under her belt! All three of us try to join intramural leagues whenever possible (for those of you who’ve never played intramural soccer, it gets REAL COMPETITIVE).  Most of all, we LOVE working out and keeping ourselves fit. Alaina’s wedding is actually coming up this summer…. and she’s been busy trying to create the 6-pack she’s never had. ;)

SC: How do you think a woman between the ages of 15-25 can become more confident?

BB: This may sound completely scripted but…. improving their health - BINGO. The important thing to note is that we’re not just talking food here. People don’t realize that who you surround yourself with, how active you are, how fulfilled you are in your career, etc….IT ALL MATTERS when it comes to your confidence and happiness.

Also, I think we can all agree that living in this era of social media has increased the amount of judgement around here. If you ask Balanced Beyars, start the habit of saying WGAF (Who gives a f*) daily. TRY THIS: Wake up, and look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are a BOSS (if you’re wondering, we actually do this frequently together….It’s a great way to have a laugh). The minute you let that all negative self talk go is the minute you start living your life authentically.

You can accomplish anything…  just start by being your own best friend. Would you ever tell your best friend “you’re not good enough”? Or “ew, you ate too much cake”? ABSOLUTELY NOT. We are all unique in our own way - you don’t need approval from anyone. You are the sh*t, so start actin’ like it fool!

SC: What do you three love to do together?

In no particular order:

  1. Watching flicks that make us LOL: On any given day, you will find us applying Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, and Kevin Hart quotes to real-life situations. WHY? Because we all need to lighten up a little!

  2. Cook and experiment with foods and treats: Common question post dinner is “what paleo dessert do you wanna make? WE DESERVE IT…”

  3. Work Out/Be Active: This one is big. We LOVE exercising together and we usually brainstorm a workout for a solid hour the night before (we wish were exaggerating). The sessions typically end up incorporating EVERYTHING because we are overly enthusiastic and no one can agree on a direction.

  4. Singing Lil Wayne on long car rides together (while falsely blaming each other about who BLEW the speakers out in High School #HandMeDownCars)

SC: How does being sisters provide a unique opportunity to start a business together?

BB: We love each other so much and truly value each other as best friends. We don’t go an hour without annoyingly texting each other about every insignificant thing going on in our lives (seriously, pick our phones up and there are 54 unread iMessages... we wonder from who…) Lucky enough for us, we have so much in common that it makes the most sense to team up on something we are wholeheartedly passionate about. We find that one sister makes up for what another lacks. Best of all, we NEVER STOP LAUGHING. Despite living in different areas on the Northeast - we find that this is one of the things that keeps us together! Mom wants in but we’re like NAH, maybe…

SC: If you were to “life-coach" yourself, what changes do you think you would make? What things would you definitely continue doing?

BB: Things we’d like to see more of:

A) APPRECIATE MORE, HATE LESS - it is mind-blowing how much we put our bodies through. It’s safe to say that we don’t give ourselves enough credit.  Missed a workout? Get over it.  If we find ourselves talking negative or feeling down, acknowledge it and let that shade go!

B) SLOW DOWN AND BE PRESENT - Because we started Balanced Beyars while working other jobs, we find that we are constantly in OVERDRIVE. Sprinting from one thing to the next. The three of us are working on taking a second to stop, breathe, and live in the moment. Remember, your life is more than a to-do list!

C) REALIZE HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE- The happiest people are the ones that look for the positive in each day, even when it’s hard to find. We are a product of our thoughts, and it’s up to us to change our own mindset.

D) YOLO aka SAY YES MORE - Note to self: Stop stressing over work and actually pour yourself a tall glass of wine with friends. Discover new adventures. Try new food.  GO WILD.

E) NEVER STOP GROWING - Once you’ve conquered something, it is so easy to get complacent. BUT GET REAL: there is ALWAYS room to be a better friend, sibling, daughter, student, etc. We promise you, the most beautiful outcomes come from pushing our own limits. You will NEVER regret your improvements.

Things we would continue? Netflix Binging. Indulging in chocolate of all forms. Following our wellness passion. PUSHING ourselves to be better everyday. Trying new workouts that scare us. Laughing. Learning.

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Good luck!