The Alternative Workout Review: Introduction

I'm a natural meathead. I firmly believe that people gravitate towards their strengths because it feels good and builds confidence. As you may have gathered from my bio, lower body power is my specialty, probably because one of my thighs could feed a family of four. According to data by, I have over an 85% chance of having a higher vertical jump than my future husband (actually). This is great for short sprints, but it makes cardio and longer intervals difficult for me. I find solace in doing pull-ups with chains and jumping around in all directions while holding weights. I die laughing every time Kristie, one of those natural cardio people, emerges from her room in the latest Adidas cutie workout outfit heading to whatever trendy class all of my mom's housewife friends will probably be at. After years of harassment, I've finally agreed to attend a few of these "alternative workouts" she raves about, as long as she 1) pays for it and 2) lets me write reviews in my diary for the benefit of all our readers. First up, Soul Cycle.