Re-Discovering Passion For Sports at a High School Game

Kristie and I are on our way home from from watching her hometown high school soccer team defeat Weymouth in the first round of the state tournament. 

First of all, the place was absolutely mobbed. It was one of those classic high school sporting event parking situations where there's no actual lot, so every street within a half mile radius of the field is lined with parallel parked cars that all have the same panther paw print bumper stickers. 

By the time we finished the hike to the entrance (we were low on the neighborhood parallel parking pecking order) we headed towards the gate and were stopped by the woman selling tickets. I figured that it wasn't a big deal, surely she would recognize Kristie. The Mewis sisters used to run this field; they'll get let in for free, no doubt. BOY WAS I WRONG. 

She glanced at Kristie and saw nothing but your typical suburban Patriots Fan wearing a north face puffer with a fur hood over some blonde highlights. The Massachusetts Intercollegiate Athletic Association doesn't mess around. It doesn't matter how many league MVPs the two Mewis sisters won, how they were first round picks in the NWSL draft, or how many caps with the national team they have combined. Nope. You want to get into the playoff game- you pay the $5, regardless of how many left footed haymaykers you hit in your day.

Based on the amount of cars I saw I figured it would be a pretty great atmosphere and it sure did live up to the hype. This place was ELECTRIC. Just swimming with Cowbells, razor scooters, flimsy poster boards, you name it. It was the picture of a typical high school sports atmosphere.

The comments in the stands are Grade-A, can't-write-this-stuff, laugh-out-loud funny. The best part about it was that literally every single critique we heard could have been applied to ANY sport, not just soccer. I realized right away the content potential this environment had, so Kristie and I re-enacted them in our best Boston accents.

We are not making this up. Take any comment on this list and go yell it at any high school sports game: football, hockey, soccer, you name it. I promise you'll fit in.


In conclusion, I would like to state in all seriousness how much fun it was to head back to a high school sports game. It's so awesome to see how much support the friends, families, and townspeople had for these girls. The team and the fans brought us back to what sports are really about, regardless of the level of play. We strongly encourage any of our readers to try to get out and support a team at their old high school. It's awesome to reflect and see the tradition you were once a part of being carried on.

PS. To the boy who yelled, "Hey Sam, your sisters hotter than you!" from the stands of a Whitman-Hanson game in 2010, you can watch her play with the USWNT on ESPN. #LookAtHerNow