The Cons of Hosting Parents on Game Weekend

This originally was supposed to be a "pros and cons" article. But in all honesty, the pros are cliche and nobody wants to hear about them. I have AMAZING parents I owe literally everything to, and the fact that they support me and come to almost all of my games is something I do not take for granted and words can't describe how lucky I am to have them in my corner. That being said, everything has its drawbacks, and in this case, they happen to be way more entertaining.

Logistics to Know: 

Parents arrived on Saturday afternoon and Ubered to Toyota Park. 

Dad and Mom stayed at my apartment Saturday night. Dad flew out Sunday night, Mom flew out Monday morning.

Mom forces Dad into staying in my one-bedroom apartment and making me sleep on the couch. 

Quote of the weekend: 

"Don't expect us just to come here, clean your apartment, pay for all your sh**, and then get annoyed when we ask you how to turn on the TV. "

-Gina McCaffrey, on me getting annoyed with her logistical questions

Biggest Hiccups: 

The suitcase dilemma:

I was supposed to leave my car keys on top of my tire so my parents could put them in my car before entering Toyota park. Distracted by my *NSYNC music, I completely forget to do so.

During pre-game possession, out of the corner of my eye I see my mother in the stands, waving her arms above her head and yelling at me that I forgot to leave the keys. My father tries to stop her, but is extremely unsuccessful and goes to get another Bud Light, knowing we all won't hear the end of this for a while.

 I come off the field for warmups, only to be be confronted by our team coordinator (who's amazing btw) and stadium security. He says, "there's two suitcases stuffed beneath your car and we need you to identify them immediately. "Does it have a pink Pom Pom on the bag tag?" I ask. "Yes." It's my mothers. Kudos to Gina for causing minimal distraction during my pregame routine. 

The electronics questions: 

I would bet my life savings that ten minutes didn't go by without me having to dig through a drawer for the wifi password, grab the remote and show them how to turn on the TV, or answer my 15th question of the weekend about what channel is what. We hit rock bottom when my dad was talking into the cable remote, thinking it was the Siri voice receptor for the apple TV, trying to put the Celtics game on. At this point I pretended to want a coffee and went to sit in the lobby for 15 minutes for some alone time. 

The apartment scrutiny: 

The most commonly used phrase of the weekend was "how do you live like this." My apartment is essentially organized chaos. Most people would say its messy, but I would say I know where everything is and I'm trying to win an NWSL championship. My mother lovingly referred to the kitchen sink as a pig trough, and has attached my debit card to a weekly cleaning service without telling me until she was at the airport. 

Sharing a bathroom with your dad: 

This one should speak for itself.