What Your Lounge Outfit Says About You

Sporting Chic has been running on Facetime ever since the big three split up to start our NWSL seasons. After about a week, I started noticing how different the three of us typically dress in our "natural habitats." By natural habitat, I mean what each of us choose to wear when no one is watching and when physical and mental comfort with our attire is paramount. 

Let's start with the most intriguing, Kratcheeta. I can't even begin to describe what would make her have the idea to, or want to, wear what she does around her apartment. I don't know if I've ever announced this publicly, but after analyzing her loungewear I can now officially state that Kristie has tricked herself into thinking that she lives in a reality TV show and is borderline insane. Why do I think this?

1) She constantly wears this jean dress around the house from Free People that she refers to as "casual." This dress is not casual. It is so nice that I would consider wearing it on a first date with my future husband. 

2) Along with this jean dress, she has a number of "casual" sweater dresses she wears, but only if they're accompanied with her knee high stockings. Does this outfit sound familiar? You may have seen in it sported by the patients in Shutter Island and other mental health facilities. 

3) Perhaps most prominent, two days ago I called Kristie, and noticed she was wearing the matching set of Calvin Klein sporta bra and underwear under a pair of overalls. I asked her if she was going anywhere, and she said no, that she just "felt like looking cute." Let me repeat she was alone in her apartment, wearing a matching bra and underwear set with overalls that were only buttoned on one side when no one was going to see her. She wore something very similar in an Instagram posted last summer- draw your own conclusions. 

4) When confronted about her lounging outfits that no one else sees, this was her response, verbatim: 

"I just like to look good. That's why I watch gossip girl, Steph. It's so dramatic. They wear such hot outfits and it makes me feel like I'm living in NYC with all of my best friends. It's not because I actually like the show, it's because it gives me ideas so I need to practice."

**note that I did not bring up Gossip Girl in my original question, Kristie's brain just happened to correlate the two topics and formulate this answer**

While Samantha certainly does have her quirks, I will say that her loungewear is pretty straightforward. Overall, I would just say Samantha is a HUGE free tee shirt guy. The 1 time out of 10 Sam is lounging in a t-shirt she actually paid for, it has an inspirational quote or mantra on it she repeatedly chants like a wicken to calm herself down. 

Let's get one thing straight- I'm in no way saying this is a bad thing. It just once again proves that Samantha is the most organized and methodical member of Sporting Chic, who strategically saves the nice clothes she actually spends money on for situations where she's going to have to encounter real people in her life. As the content originator and idea guy, I would never have the time on my hands that Samantha does to strategize what tee-shirt I wear during blogging time. I'm so busy spouting ideas out for the people I'm lucky if I have time to remember my underwear. 

As for me, there's no rhyme or reason to anything I wear, basically ever. Like most of my life outside of soccer, my loungewear style is essentially one big rant that struggles to find a common theme. A lot of it depends on my mood and a lot of it depends on whether my hair is washed or not. The common denominator- at least once a week, I completely destroy one article of clothing with chocolate chips that I lose in the fabric while sitting on the couch.