The Intern Dilemma

There was a big hullabaloo on the Sporting Chic Google Hangout this morning. What are we going to do about the intern requests we've received over the past several months? Hordes of young women are emailing us their resumes. We currently all have very different views on the situation. 

I'm totally cool with giving these interns the password to our website and gmail account. (As long as they understand ahead of time that their only compensation is going to be one of the leftover XS Panic Petunia #Instagate t-shirts that didn't sell.) Anything to get me out of having to deal with Sam striking down on me for bad grammar and having to waste time on formatting the website. I'm figuring these girls can proof-read and cut and paste and insert pictures. Maybe even help us keep better track of our emails. They obviously would need the passwords. 

Understand that this isn't a new principle for me. My family never locked our front door. One time someone actually stole my dad's Lexus out of our driveway because I left the car unlocked with the keys on the front seat. (We eventually got it back.) If these women are applying to work for us for free, and have a secret underlying plot to delete our website as soon as we give them access, well then this company probably wasn't meant to be anyway. (I also just think we could make them sign something that they won't intentionally cause us damages, and if they do, we could probably sue them and end up with more money than Sporting Chic has the potential to make in the next five years.) 

But SAMANTHA, oh sweet Samantha. Panic Petunia equates giving an intern who WORKS FOR US the password to our website as the equivalent of giving a convicted felon the keys to her home. She's said she would "not sleep a wink," "would constantly have to be double checking for my own sanity so I'd end up doing the work anyway," and that "I can't believe I would potentially risk throwing away all we have built by giving our password out like candy." 

So according to Sam's point of view, it will be just the three of us for the rest of our lives. Living in our parents basements, working 18 hour days trying to keep up with what hopefully will be a workload of 50 plus people with just the three of us. But don't worry guys- in that basement, we'll be secure and safe under the bubble of our 8 character password with no numbers or capitalizations that anyone who has known us for more than six months could probably guess.

Kristie has proclaimed that she doesn't care what the interns actually do, as long as she's the one who gets to pick them. She says that the company was her idea, that she's the CEO and 34% majority shareholder, so she's the one who should get to decide. These women applying have an average GPA of 3.5 from the top universities they are attending. One of them described herself as "A vivacious and passionate supporter of women's sports." Literally the most beautiful line I've ever heard in my life. 

I'm not saying that Kristie can't do the interviews because the girls are smarter than her- they're smarter than me too. I am saying that when we ask Kristie what her criteria will be and she says, "When you know, you just know, Steph" that maybe it's not the WORST idea to get another opinion in there.

Want to be considered as an intern? Get your resume in by Monday night to randomly earn a position on a whim based on Kristie's current mood. (just kidding) But seriously, all applicants are welcome!

To the girls who have applied so far- you're being carefully considered as we speak. Thank you so much for your interest! We're very excited to branch out and *share our password.* (Sam is meditating as we speak to calm herself down.)