"All Dogs Are Great"

A poem by Rose Lavelle

I love dogs. 

I love the way their ears smell. I love the way their feet smell. 

I love their fur. I love it when I have a layer of dog fur on my clothes.

I love when they snuggle in the nook of your knees. Do you know what I mean? When they snuggle right there?

I love when they sleep with their tongue out and it gets dried out.

I love when you take their collars off and they look naked and bare.

I love their brisket, the chest of them. 

I love squeezing their feet with my hands. 

I love when they snore. I love when they bark in their sleep. 

I love the way my hands smell after meeting a dog on the street. 

I love when they wiggle their butts out of happiness. I love when dogs that don’t have tails wiggle their butts. 

I love when you talk to them and they turn their head because they’re confused because they don’t speak English.

I love when they twitch in their sleep. 

I love when they wear human clothes and green raincoats.

I love seeing dogs at the airport. 

I love seeing service dogs because you can just tell that they are so noble but it makes me sad that I can’t pet them.

I love when I randomly see a dog when I wasn’t expecting it and I feel pure jubilation.

All dogs are great.