Sam's Fave Smoothie

Perfecting a go-to smoothie takes more than one try. It also takes more than one person. With a little help from my friends Kelley O'Hara and Emily Sonnett, I've finally found my perfect breakfast smoothie. It's creamy, filling, and has that extra punch of greens that will make you feel good about yourself ALL DAY. It's also super easy to remember and grocery shop for. 

1 cup plain yogurt

1 banana

2 tbsp nut butter (almond is my favorite)

Splash of almond milk

Handful of spinach or kale

Chia seeds


Blend all of that up and top with granola or nuts. I love eating mine with a spoon because it lasts longer! Feel free to change any of these ingredients up as you wish. Kristie adds berries instead of banana. Shout out to my Nutri-Bullet for being the best kitchen appliance EVER.