Product Reviews: December

Our first product review is a triple threat. We considered spreading these bad boys out over the course of our next few issues but we decided that you need things things NOW. If you don’t already have them, then you are missing out in a really serious way. So if you're ready to make your life better, get searching for these three awesome products. They also make perfect holiday gifts for your chicest friends and family members. 

Product #1: Sweat Cosmetics

The ladies at Sweat Cosmetics are total badasses. They started this company because they believed that it was possible to look beautiful and be an athlete at the same time. Their mineral foundation is sweat-proof and so easy to take with you in your gym bag or purse. The new illuminator brightens up your face for that post-workout glow. Then take it all off with their cleansing wipes when you get home. It's really a home run. AND they started their company with five women in charge. Talk about CHIC. All of their products are available at

Product #2: Booty Bands by @sweatwithbec

Bec Donlan is a personal trainer with an Instagram game (and a booty) that DON’T QUIT. She is a part of Puma’s Team Faster in NYC and she also is creating her own line of fitness products. Her Booty Bands are easy to travel with and an absolute KILLER on your gluts. She includes workouts on the back of those cards you see in the picture above, and believe me, you'll be cringing for days. These booty bands are so effective for athletes like us because they teach you how to fire your gluts while at the same time making you stronger. Having effective gluts can help prevent so many injuries, including the dreaded ACL that has seemed to be an epidemic for women's soccer players. If you workout at home or on the go a lot, these bands are an absolute MUST HAVE. Like Bec says, "Be a badass with a good ass."

Product #3: Mobot Foam Roller Water Bottle

This thing is the perfect travel companion. The mobility bottle was created so that athletes don’t have to choose between being hydrated and being mobile. They’re also cute (camo, come on) and super nice to drink from. You know how sometimes you'll buy a new water bottle from Target and then absolutely HATE the straw or mouth opening? Yeah, not happening here. These bottles are super high quality. Haven't you ever just needed to roll out your calf quickly in between sets at the gym? Or needed a little work on your shoulder blades before free throws? Or been in the airport with a hamstring cramp? Problem solved. Check out Mobot on Instagram @mobotnation or online at