Sam's Popcorn Obsession

Sam here. First, let's start off by saying that I literally love popcorn. The main reason is that I'm a really dedicated eater and I like my snacks to last a long time. I love anything that you can eat for over 20 minutes or longer. Dry cereal, cheese and crackers, apple slices with almond butter, granola, POPCORN. It's just mostly about not having the enjoyment of the snack be gone after only like 5 bites. I HATE when the snacks are gone.

So I've been experimenting with homemade popcorn, like the kind that you pop on the stove. It's surprisingly easy and completely delicious. I thought I would share a Christmas themed recipe with you guys to help get you in the spirit. Substitutions are allowed, but try this by the tree with a Christmas movie on and I'm assuming your holiday cheer will spike. 


Popcorn kernels

2 tbsp coconut oil

Pink Himalayan Salt

Peppermint Chocolate Chips


Put the coconut oil in a pot with ONE kernel and heat it on medium-high heat. When the kernel pops, pour in enough kernels to cover the bottom of the pot. Let all of the kernels pop. When it sounds like they're all done, pour half of the popcorn into a bowl. Add a layer of chocolate chips and then pour the rest of the popcorn on top. Shake or stir as best as you can so that the chocolate chips melt from the heat of the popcorn. Top with a couple shakes of Pink Himalayan Salt and you've got yourself a Christmas treat! 

Not into peppermint? Just use normal dark chocolate chips.