Energy Balls by Meghan Duggan

We had the honor of being served the most delicious energy balls from Meghan Duggan of USA Hockey a few weeks ago. Naturally, we stole her recipe so that we could share it with you guys. It's not so much about using exact quantities of specific ingredients as it is getting a good consistency of stickiness using ingredients that you really like. Here are some of Meghan's faves:

Mashed banana
Almond Butter
Etc. (We also love using agave, coconut oil, slivered almonds, and chia seeds!)

Mix all of this together into a big bowl. Once you get a good consistency, just roll them into balls and put them on parchment paper and into the freezer. You'll know if it's a good consistency by whether or not they stick into balls. You can always add a little water, but half a mashed banana does the trick pretty flawlessly if they aren't sticky enough. Let them solidify for however long- if you want to make a whole batch for the week, just leave them in the freezer and they'll stay fresh.

These puppies are FIRE for an on-the-go snack that will keep you full and focused. Pop 2 in a baggie for after workout or bring them to the airport. I usually disguise mine in camouflage in the fridge so no one else can find them.