Game of the Week: Week 4

Back again with a new Game of the Week! In this edition, we are shedding light on the NPF (National Pro Fastpitch) League! This professional softball league consists of 6 different teams mostly out of the Midwest in cities like Chicago, Texas, and Ohio. The league runs all throughout the summer and has recently acquired an affiliate team from the Chinese Softball Association too!

Our Game of the Week this week is on June 29th at 7 PM where the Chicago Bandits will play the Akron Racers. You can follow the game stats live here...(

If you wish to watch the game live, you have to buy yourself tickets into NPF on the NPF website!

Chicago has a big advantage on their team with the famous infielder Stacy-May Johnson, who came back to pro softball after her jersey was retired and she went off to coach at several colleges. The Chicago Bandits are also the reigning champions of the league from 2015 and 2016.

The Akron Racers are based out of Ohio, and are currently ranked 5th overall in the league. The Racers are 8-8 right now for the season. The leaderboard for the Racers shows Shellie Robinson, Shelby Pendley, and Sierra Romero each with four home-runs. 

The NPF is a league full of badass women doing what they love! It is important to give these ladies the attention they deserve for all their hard work, so tune in with us this Thursday for Game of the Week!