Season Finale: Kelli Stack

Unfortunately, our Super Feature with USA Hockey is coming to an end. We have been so inspired recently with the resolve of these women in their fight to enact change with USA Hockey. It's incredible to see the support that they have cultivated and the strength with which they are standing their ground.

One of our goals here at Sporting Chic is to humanize athletes. We want our readers to recognize that professional athletes are people who have bad hair days, can only cook eggs one way, and need 3 coffees on Monday's just like everybody else. But we're also people who take our jobs very seriously. It's taken a lot of sweat to get to this level and we do not take our livelihood lightly. Women's professional sports have come such a long way but we have so much more ground to cover. 

It's women like this who make it easier for the rest of  us. The unity seen in the hockey world has brought together those of us in the soccer world. It's inspiring. It's real. It's showing me and my teammates that so much more is possible when a group of individuals is united as a team.

One of the coolest aspects of watching the USA Hockey girls fight for what they deserve has been the memories and personal connections that Kristie, Steph, and I made with them during our time together at IPF. We feel like a part of their team because we did so many goddamn bike sprints and pull-ups together. Hard work unites people unlike anything else. That's what makes sports teams so indivisible. When you've worked THAT hard, over and over, giving up isn't even an option. 

We hope that this Super Feature allowed for some insight into the personalities of the women. They truly are an extraordinary group who will undoubtedly do extraordinary things, both now and at the Winter Olympics next year.

Here is our final interview with Kelli Stack, the Cleveland, OH native who once won 4 consecutive bike sprints despite her height purely with "heart and mental toughness." Thanks for that gem, Walter.

SC: What is your go-to outfit/hair situation when you want to feel good but put in as little effort as possible? 

KS: When I want to feel good but put in as little effort as possible my go to outfit/hair situation is either jeggings or lulu leggings, a full-zip hoodie, and my newest addition Aldo dressy sneakers (to make the rest of the outfit presentable), and I like to let my hair air-dry and then I'll spray in some "Beach Babe Sea Salt Texturizing Spray" to give it a little waviness, but if all else fails you can't go wrong with a messy bun either :)

SC: Dunkin Donuts order?

KS: Americano with a little cream or a Macchiato with Almond Milk, depends on the day lol, and if I'm feeling extra cray I'll add 1 pump of Caramel Swirl or Pumpkin Spice when it's in season because I am BAEsic AF!

SC: What advice would you give a young girl who wants to play hockey in the Olympics someday?

KS: I would tell them to set attainable goals, be disciplined, surround themselves with the right crowd of people who have similar goals in mind, work hard, and have FUN!

SC: What is your favorite feature about yourself?

KS: My favorite feature about my body is that it's muscular and strong, but still feminine. I like that people can tell I workout, because I take pride in how dedicated I am in the weight room and in the kitchen. My favorite feature about my personality is my sense of humor. I enjoy making people laugh, laughing at myself, and laughing with other funny people.