Bachelor Cheat Sheet- Week 7

Nick vs. Sean Twitter War

Sean Lowe ‏@SeanLowe09  

Cat: "Nick is being distant." Me: "Maybe he has diarrhea like I did on a date and just doesn't feel like talking."

Sean Lowe ‏@SeanLowe09  

"Your first 3 tries didn't pan out so here's a bunch of girls who weren't born yet when you were in high school." - ABC

Sean Lowe ‏@SeanLowe09  

"I'm not going to compete for Nick's attention." - someone tell Rachel she's on The Bachelor.

Sean Lowe ‏@SeanLowe09  

"I can't give you this rose because I honestly can't remember your name." #TheBachelor


@viallnicholas28  Feb 6

@SeanLowe09 stick to parenting.


We're just gonna focus on the Sean vs. Nick twitter feud instead of recapping the actual episode this week because this week's episode was so boring that 1) after two days I'm still empty on what to write about and 2) this is way better than anything that actually happened. 

I didn't realize Sean was this funny. When I watched his season I always thought he was just the wholesome, sensitive guy you couldn't help but love but wasn't super entertaining. Clearly I couldn't have been more wrong. In two tweets not only was he laugh out loud funny, but he also brought to light the two most ridiculous things about this season: 

1) They've spent so much time filming Corinne because no one wants to see Nick cry his way through the Caribbean islands. As a result, girls are popping up on group dates and two-on-one dates that I literally had no idea were on the show. Nick thought Sean was teasing when he said, "I can't give you this rose because I can't remember your name." But the thing is, the dates must have actually been so boring with people like Whitney that it handcuffed production into not having her on the show at all. 

2) I keep forgetting Nick is 36. Sean's tweet about not being born yet when you were in high school is up for social media moment of the year. I know I keep harping on his crying but this is my view: its one thing to shed tears 50% of the time you're on national television. It's a whole different level of pathetic when more than half of the girls your crying over were in the infirmary when you were having your first slow dance at your freshman semi-formal and trying to break into the varsity cross country team. 

**The diarrhea tweet didn't necessarily relate to the show, but just does a great job of removing the blinders put on by ABC production and coming back to realize this show is simply a classier version of MTV's The Real World: Are You The One?