The Bachelor Diaries

I hate the Bachelor. I also haven’t missed an episode in the past three years. 

But, love them or hate them, the producers of the Bachelor(ette) have infatuated (some of) America season after season. In one weekly show, they have managed to encompass what every millennial secretly loves: drama, judging, and predicting (then posting these predictions on social media).

We’re no different, so here in the Ragamuffin diaries, you'll find The Bachelor Recap: power rankings, girl-fight analysis, and everyone’s favorite, "Why we hate Nick this week," and more! These posts will be written by the power duo of Kristie and myself. (With Sam's grammatical edits)

Just so we’re all on the same page, I am NOT a Nick guy. Neither is Kristie. I actually thought about secretly submitting Kristie to be a contestant on the Bachelor because filming fell during the NWSL offseason. But I believe in my heart that if Kristie and Nick went into the UFC octagon, she’d come out the winner. Better to wait for the next round.

I don’t know if its the fact that his beard grows into his mouth, that he was lifting up rocks on the beach and throwing them on the ground for exercise on Bachelor in Paradise (in jean capris), or that he constantly sobs like a middle-aged woman watching The Notebook. All I know is that there’s a reason this is his fourth shot on the millennial version the of Hunger Games, and there's something they're not telling us. 

I take it back. I don’t hate the bachelor. I can’t WAIT to see what the girls who actually signed up to date Nick Viall are like. Tomorrow, jump on the Bachelor train and lets band together as we fight, scratch, and claw our way through January and February the best way we know how: obsessing over other people’s lives with plenty of judging and predicting along the way.